TZ4AM, Jeff has an Alpha 76A amplifier going, 800 watts output on 
160-20 and new beverages for Europe, South America and now North 
America also.  Jeff has just added the beverage for North America and 
plans one to help with the rest of Africa.  He plans to give some 
concentration to working some 160 and 80.  The first night with the 
new NA beverage he did work two US stations on 160 “then many more on 
80 meters and later 40 meters,” and made a few more lowband QSOs since 
then.  He feels he’s getting 6 db improvement in the signal to noise 
ratio, “So I can finally hear NA again.”  But he adds that conditions 
have been poor.  Before this, Jeff says he has not been ignoring NA; 
just couldn’t hear them.  Jeff says he is occasionally on 30 meters 
and higher bands during the daytime.

TZ4AM, Jeff, also wants us to pass along that “up” does not mean 
exactly 1 kHz; he would like you to spread out between 1.010 and 1.5.  
Everyone on exactly 1.00 doesn’t work well.  He says when listening 
for him, start on 1826.7 on 160, and on 80 and 40 at the low end of 
the bands and “up 1kHz-plus in all cases.”

Finally, Jeff, wonders if someone has a six-meter amp he could borrow.  
Perhaps an old amp just sitting around gathering dust but that covers 
six.  He says he only needs it for one season; he is saving up for his 
own KPA-1500 from Elecraft, sometime later in 2019 he hopes.  He is 
hoping to do a lot of 6M DXing during the May to July season and 
already has a 10-element 6M Yagi. Jeff says he can get the amp 
returned within a few months to either the US or Europe.  As an 
option, he could also donate the amp after his own arrives.  The club 
has two operators and a TW500A 400-watt amp “not yet installed.”   
Jeff’s US callsign, by the way, is K1MMB.  


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