Merry Christmas from the 3Y0I Rebel Team!


Everything has been shut down here on the Western Cape of South Africa for Christmas and the New Year’s Holidays. Stores, offices, warehouses and the shipyard are closed until early January. So in the meantime we will also enjoy the Season Holiday’s too. But in a Ham Radio way! The 3Y0I Rebel Team is spending our holidays in the cargo hold of our ship pre-assembling some of our gear. One advantage of doing this inside the ship is that we’ve got natural air conditioning here – sea waters cool the vessel nice and easy, and we’re also protected from the fierce subtropical sun. In Stan’s (SP8S) pictures we are pre-assembling our multiband verticals. Tomorrow we’ll assemble the Kohjinsha beams.

Better to prepare now, because once landed, there will be no time or mercy for mistakes!

Stay tuned for more news coming soon.


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